Vin Bejleri




1993-1997 : Graduated from A.z.Cajupi High School,Tirane,Albania

1997-2001 : Graduated at the Accademy of Fine Arts for Acting and Directing,Tirane,Albania


Artistic performances at the theatre


Roles Played:

2000 – “The bathhouse” (A.Mayakovsky)  -Ivan Ivanovic

2001– “A Middsummer Night’s dream  (W.Shakespeare)  –Demeter

2002-2003 – “Sakrifice (M.Baliani) (dance theater) a production of Ente Teatrale Italiano

2002 – “Love in a van”  (A.Basha) -Policeman

2002 -“The palace of dreams”  (I.Kadare) -Mark Alemi

2004 –In the name of the people”  (R.Budina) -Prime minister

2004Pentecost”          (D.Edgar) -Ass/Director

2005– “The chairs”    (E.Ionesco) The woman

2008- “ E fuori nevica”  (V.Salemme) Enzo

2010- “Romeo and Juliette”   (W.Shakespeare) Mercutio

2011- “The glass menagerie”           (T.Williams) -Tom Wingfield

2012- “Henry VI”   (W.Shakespeare) -Earl of Warwick

2013- “The motherfucker with the hat”  (S.A.Giurgis)  -Hulio

2014– “A Middsummer Night’s dream  (W.Shakespeare) Theseus, Oberon

2015– “Everybody is mad  (N.Shundi) Monodrame

2015– “Boing,Boing  (M.Camolette) Robert

2016– “The curse of the starving class  (S.Shepard) Ellis

2017- “An angel on the 11 foor”  (S.Çapaliku) -Husband

2018- “Dogfall”   (C.Lewis) – Jack

2018- “Antigone” (J. Anouilh) -Creon

2019- “Julius Caesar”      (W. Shakespeare) – Marcus Junius Brutus

2019- “Salome”  (O. Wilde) -Iokanaan

2019- “I don’t hear, I don’t see, I don’t talk” (Y. Theodosiadis) -Spitha

2020- “Miss Julie” (A. Strindberg). -Jean


Movie  Involvement:


Roles Played:

1999– “Me ,you and Kasandra”  A film by         M.Gjata -Kici

2003- “Littoral”                                                 W. MouawadArab officer

2004-   “Mao Tze Tung”                                   B.Bisha -Xhema

2008-   “East West East”                                  Gj.Xhuvani -Tafa

2009-   “The first day of work”                         S.Demneri -Ilir

2010-   “Family market”                                   T.Kazazi -Toni

2011-   “Fate cards”                                          E.Zarka  -Egi

2012-   “Sins Expiation”                                   C.Fusco -Toni

2013-   “Millenium”                                          B.Bisha -Blerim

2014-   “Tirana 14”                                           M.Mandro -Milto

2014-    “Parking”                                             K. Papadhimitri -Vinnie

2015-   “The slider”                                         C.Fusco  -Michael Martini

2015-   “Skenderbeg”                                      A.Pray -Selim

2016-    “Seven days”                                       E. Bubullima. -Nik

2016-   “The unforgotten spring in the forgotten village”      K.Bekteshi -Xaja

2017-  “The brave ones” aka “Lazarat”.          W. Kauffman -Besi

2019- “Two fingers honey”                               E. Mamaqi -Chief nurse 

2020- “Besa”                                                    N. Ljuca -Flavio


Radio-Television  Employment:

Roles played:

1999-2009 :  Albanian National Radio-Television              – Ervin

(Soapopera)    (The Pine Road)

2003-2006 :  National TV “Top Channel”                           – Vini I Cajes, Ceti the Taxi driver, Guraliu

Cabbaret-Show (Portokalli)

2008 : National Tv “Vizion +”                                             – Presenter of  Cabaret Show  (Game Over)

2013 : Klan National Radio-Television (Song Festival)     – Presenter

2016 : Klan National Radio-Television (Ces’t la vie)          -Guest star

2016-2018 : InTv Radio-Television (Kolaudim)                   -Presenter



2010-   “Tirana International Film Festival” (TIFF)   “East West East”    Best Actor

2011-   “Alexandria International Film Festival” (AIFF) “East West East”  Best Actor



I am fluent in English and Italian. I can read and write fluently in both languages.